Vote Garrett Krueger for Minnesota Senate!
Maplewood Treeline Photo Fall 2020
Profile photo of Minnesota Senate candidate Garrett Krueger
Minnesota Senate Candidate Garrett Krueger
 Why Me?Because my plan is to be purely, and solely, a representative of the people -- of you!


I got tired of politicians who enter the arena with some other agenda in mind.

I got tired of politicians who aren't interested in what I have to say!

I got tired of politicians who feel they get to tell me what needs to be done!

We must ensure circumstances like this past year+, where one man -- the Governor -- unilaterally dictated state policy, are never again allowed to happen in Minnesota! 

So I am running for Minnesota Senate to be the one who listens.
It's time for We, the People, to tell our legislators what we want them to do, and I want you to tell me!